The BoardRoom magazine is designed to help reduce micromanagement of the general manager and accelerate the decision making process.
Interactive education conducted by leading industry experts to help minimize board member liability and nurture tax-exempt status.
Distinguished Clubs awards a group of private clubs that have been recognized as providing an absolutely excellent Member Experience.

If ever there was a time for this, it is NOW.

APCD recognizes the most trusted businesses in the club industry. These businesses are trusted respected.

We are evaluating these businesses by the most important factor of all – How much does their customers trust them?

It’s time to shine a light on the firms in this country that are promoting values then delivering on them, time and time again. Great businesses in the private club industry are not solely focused on profit and they choose to invest in creating meaningful and sustainable long-term customer relationships based on: TRUST (THE MOST PRECIOUS TRANSACTION OF THEM ALL).

These companies have supplied the material and have gone through our "Introduction to Private Clubs" tutorials.
It’s time these companies got the attention they deserve.

To apply, your business must provide the following.

· Three referral letters from three private clubs in the USA. The letters must contain certain terminology.
· All referral letters will be confirmed by APCD and posted.
· They must agree to advertise honestly.
· Must have viewed and passed the APCD "INTRODUCTION TO PRIVATE CLUBS" tutorial.
· These will be reviewed every year.

The business will receive the following.
· Back of Boardroom magazine listing.
· Website listing under "Most trusted business in the club industry"
· Use of special logo for adds, website collateral, business cards and booths.