Benefits of Joining APCD

Club Boards are seeking more information to make educated decisions.
Those Board decisions are critical to organizational success.

The benefits of joining APCD include:

Normally priced at $1500 per year,

APCD has reduced the initial cost to


and we are including BoardRoom Institute FREE!

This includes training for ALL of your Board and Committee Members (annual subscription).


BoardRoom Institute – The education and training arm of the Association

  • Focuses on Collaborative Governance
  • Creates a shared playbook
  • Minimizes board member liability
  • Effective training that is tracked and measured
  • 10% reduction in D&O Insurance for Certified Clubs

Vault System

  • Ancillary resources within our vaults
  • Industry Job Descriptions
  • White Papers

Limited State & Federal Legislation Tracking

  • Tracking of major legislation effecting Private Clubs & Governance

Annual State of the Board Room Reports

  • Tracking trends in the Board Room
  • Results of Annual Board questionnaire

VIP Seating at any of our Conferences & Programs


  • Call our offices any time for guidance and resources to help build a better board