The BoardRoom magazine is designed to help reduce micromanagement of the general manager and accelerate the decision making process.
Interactive education conducted by leading industry experts to help minimize board member liability and nurture tax-exempt status.
Distinguished Clubs awards a group of private clubs that have been recognized as providing an absolutely excellent Member Experience.

Today, clubs are multi-million dollar businesses with exposure to liabilities more than ever before.  A properly trained and informed board by credible educators is imperative to protect the financial interest of clubs and safeguard against potential personal liability among board members.

Our main goal is to help clubs operate efficiently by optimizing the relationship between the board volunteers and the paid executives through collaborative governance.

In an effort to reduce micromanagement and clarify roles and responsibilities, APCD offers BoardRoom Institute, a tool that trains and orientates your board members, at a fraction of what you normally pay for an industry expert to lead board orientation at your club.

What exactly is BoardRoom Institute?

  • Accessible: Interactive online training classes from credible industry experts that are accessible 24hrs/day.
  • Affordable: You can train your entire board at a fraction of the cost you would pay for someone to visit your club and train your members.
  • Scalable: Once you become a member of BoardRoom Institute, any one at your club has access to viewing training courses, and at their own speed.
  • Accountability: Dashboard tools give the General Manager and Board President a pulse on course completion, so they know which members are actively training or need more attention.
  • Current: Content is updated accordingly to changes in the industry.

Benefits to a Board:

  • Reduces micromanagement
  • Minimizes board member liability and nurtures tax-exempt status
  • Creates a shared playbook
  • Focuses on collaborative governance

More about BoardRoom Institute

Topics include collaborative governance, strategic planning, risk management, sexual harassment prevention, board and committee roles and responsibilities, private club finance, management and ingredients for successful boards.

  1. Designed specifically for non-technical users.
  2. Provides a tool box (white papers, books, forms and templates) for governance.
  3. Interactive education conducted by leading industry experts.
  4. Tracks individual comprehension and course completion.
  5. Provides customized consultant for clubs.
  6. Certifies private clubs. Through certification, BoardRoom Institute effectively shows private clubs how to operate with collaborative governance.

We invite you to learn more about the many ways that we can support and strengthen your board, your club, and your member experience.