Q: What is the difference between traditional boardroom orientation and APCD’s BoardRoom Institute?

With traditional boardroom training, accountability is missing. In BoardRoom Institute, you are able to see the course completion status of your board members and get a better idea of which members are training themselves, or which members need to an extra push to get started. Additionally, members receive short quizzes after each course to ensure that they actually retain the information that they are learning in the course. By ensuring that your members are actually learning the material, you are taking the necessary steps to limit liability for your members and your club.


Q: Who are the BoardRoom Institute educators and how do you pick them?

APCD has selected top industry experts in the country to be our APCD Educators. These educators have over 20 years in the industry, a reputation to match and understand the complexity of 501(c)(7)/501(c)(3)/ private equity, non-profit organizations. In general, it would cost your club thousands of dollars to have just one industry expert come to your club. With BoardRoom Institute, you have access to 10+ industry experts and at a fraction of the cost.


Q: How do I as a General Manager or Board President know that members have taken the courses?

As a General Manager, you have access to the Dashboard, which gives you user specific reports on usage, so you know which members have or have not completed the courses.


Q: Many Board Members at my club have been on the Board at their own organizations, why should they take BoardRoom Institute training?

The non-profit, private club is complex and different from for profit organizations. In private clubs, board members are owners who are customers. This presents a conflict of interest, and thus another level of legal exposure. Board members bring a wealth of education and experience to their positions, but they need to fully understand their roles and responsibilities, especially their fiduciary responsibilities in order to minimize risk for the club and micromanagement of the General Manager.


Q: How does BoardRoom Institute help me as a General Manager?

By not informing board members of their roles, they tend to create their own, which can hinder your ability to manage your club. BoardRoom Institute focuses on collaborative governance with the General Manager and educating your board and committee members on their specific roles and responsibilities, so that you don’t have to worry about micromanagement from board members.