Benefits of Joining APCD

Club Boards are seeking more information to make educated decisions.
Those Board decisions are critical to organizational success.

The benefits of joining APCD include:

APCD has reduced the initial cost to


(+$500 One-Time Setup Fee - Non Refundable)

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

and we are including BoardRoom Institute FREE!

This includes training for ALL of your Board and Committee Members (annual subscription).


BoardRoom Institute – The education and training arm of the Association

  • Focuses on Collaborative Governance
  • Creates a shared playbook
  • Minimizes board member liability
  • Effective training that is tracked and measured

Vault System

  • Ancillary resources within our vaults
  • Industry Job Descriptions
  • White Papers

Limited State & Federal Legislation Tracking

  • Tracking of major legislation effecting Private Clubs & Governance

Annual State of the Board Room Reports

  • Tracking trends in the Board Room
  • Results of Annual Board questionnaire

VIP Seating at any of our Conferences & Programs


  • Call our offices any time for guidance and resources to help build a better board