RCS Hospitality Group

The RCS Hospitality Group (formerly Reid Consulting Services), now honored three times by Boardroom Magazine for excellence, is the "go-to" group for private clubs seeking state-of-the-art management consulting and staff training services that combine 21st-century techniques with the timeless values of America's great golf and country club traditions.

Address: P.O. Box 41666 Phoenix, AZ 85080

Phone: (623) 322-0773


See Testimonials Below:

Sunbelt Holdings - Mark Hammons

"We contracted with RCS to do an operations audit and assist in procuring a General Manager. Overall, we were extremely impressed with the expertise and professionalism they brought to the table. While providing interim management for the club, they were instrumental in helping us restructure our operation to run more efficiently and cost-effectively without compromising the level of service. I would highly recommend RCS.

- Mark Hammons
Vice President
Sunbelt Holdings

Woodland Golf Club - David Garfinkel

"To write that the Board of Directors and I benefitted greatly during the strategic planning process is an understatement. Ms. Reid facilitated a carefully coordinated plan that was in every way exceptional. Woodland could not have identified a better prepared professional to consult on our club's future."

- David Garfinkel, CCM
General Manager
Woodland Golf Club

The Valley Club - Barry Bevers

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with RCS. Whitney's expertise and understanding of club industry trends, operations, and member services have helped me and my board strategize for our future more effectively. I plan to have Whitney visit my club on a regular basis."

- Barry Bevers
General Manager
The Valley Club

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