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Founded in 1988, C2 Limited Design Associates is an award-winning boutique hospitality design practice led by founding partners and co-creative directors Craig J. Smith and Christina H. Romann. Smith & Romann have created a signature niche in the worlds of luxury hotel, resort and exclusive private club design with their bespoke approach to design uniquely tailored to each client and their story.

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See Testimonials Below:

Steve McVey - Woodway Country Club

“Working with Christina and Craig was a wonderful and enlightening experience. The combination of ideas and styles they presented, with the vision and creativity to continually give the Club the finished product that was wanted is very difficult to achieve, especially in a committee driven process. To receive the overwhelming praise and acclaim of the membership at the end of the project was validating and wonderful!

Steve McVey, CCM
General Manager
Woodway Country Club
Darien, CT

Marc Possidento - The Country Club of Darien

“There are a great many aspects involved in judging the overall success of a Club renovation. One must consider the budget, successful completion of milestones and completion date, was the process minimally disruptive to the Membership, did the renovation result in driving revenues and Member satisfaction up, the list could literally go on for pages. These are all important metrics in the equation but the most pertinent fact of all, in my humble opinion, is whether or not the space functions as intended. Christina Romann and Craig Smith of C2 Limited provided a breathtakingly beautiful design that also functions flawlessly. Moreover, at the same time they were meticulously designing the architecture and décor of the space they were making suggestions on design that they thought would assist the Club Staff in providing service to match the rich and sophisticated feel they were achieving. One would retain C2 Limited simply based on their portfolio of exceptional work but what you get is so much more.

Marc Possidento, General Manager
Chief Operating Officer
The Country Club of Darien

Thomas R. Pisano - Westchester Country Club

“Westchester Country Club hired Christina Romann and Craig Smith of C2 Limited Design Associates to envision and design the interiors for our new bar and casual dining room located within our historic Sports House. The result is a finished product that exceeded well beyond anyone’s expectations.
C2 Limited’s design is aesthetically beautiful and the bar and dining areas are laid out to appeal to our diverse membership demographic. From the sophisticated palette, furnishings and custom light fixtures to their ensemble of significant Westchester Country Club events and dignitaries tell our story while exuding the legacy and grandeur of the club’s storied history. Christina and Craig were tasked from the outset to create a bar and casual dining room uniquely ours while remaining fresh and relevant for all of our members and their families. Mission accomplished!”

Thomas R. Pisano, President
Westchester Country Club

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